Plugin Management & Membership

Hi guys,

I have a few questions and problems.

On our site - - we plan to have 3 membership levels. The site is aimed at blogging for businesses.

The first level is free and is just a basic blogging package. No problems here.

The second level we plan to charge a small amount, and for this the bloggers can choose to syndicate their posts out to a database of appropriate contacts - we are looking to develop a plugin which does this.

The third level we plan to charge a bit more, and for this they get the same plugin as at level 2, but also enter our business and product index, we also want to develop a plugin which will automate this.

So our problem is, once we have developed the two plugins, is there a way to make the appropriate plugins available to only the members who have subscribed to the corresponding packages?

Also, if anybody can help us with developing the plugins, we would be happy for them to contact us and send a quote for doing the work. Please send an email to