Plugin not showing more than one subscription level

Massive frustration with this plugin!

1) I created 2 subscription plans – the subscription plans are equivalent, active and public and the signup form shows them both, but upon new registrations the admin section only shows the title of one on the edit membership list.

“Subscription”, “Membership Level”, “Level Expires” are all empty for this second subscription.

This is not a paid site and I am only using the Free Subscriptions gateway.

2) Even though I have created Welcome and Subscription pages using the Membership Page Options page, upon registering for the subscription I get the message “Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant buttons to complete the subscription” .

???There is NOTHING to complete, it’s a free subscription.

And I should be getting the welcome page here.

3) I have created 2 accompanying “Levels” for these subscriptions, again equivalent ones.

Pulling my hair out.