Plugin Only Appears In Super Admin Site Blog Dashboard


Other then WPMUdev plugins, I've also bought some external premium plugins for my multisite.

Now the problem here is that some of these external premium plugins only work for Super Admin's site(s).

In other words, after I uploaded the plugin in Network Admin, I can activate the plugin in as the site's (Super) Admin. The the plugin produce dashboard menu which also works fine.

However, when I log in as normal member blog admin, after activating the plugin (yes, I can see them in the Plugin menu), the dashboard menu of the plugin doesn't appear.

Need the expert advice here on how to make the plugin such that it will work also for member's blogs.

Best Regards, William

  • William


    It's a non-WPMU DEV 3rd I've bought ie.

    It works fine for blogs with super admin rights - dashboard menu appears etc.

    However, for members blogs, though can activated the plugin, the plugin dashboard menu don't appear.

    I suspect somehow the plugin is coded for single install of WordPress ie. it will check if you're the admin of the blog (for multisite, it means the super admin).

    Is there a way to edit the plugin files so that it will fully work for super admin (which surely is) and also admin of members blogs in multisite?

    P.S. I've got back to the plugin website for support. But I'm hoping to know/learn if it's just a matter of coding that could resolve the problem.

    Best Regards, William

  • William

    *Sighed* Sorry, but I can't seem to get my point through.

    Let me ask it this way - if I pass you the plugin files/code, are you able to edit it so that it works fine like WPMU Dev plugins?

    Is it simply with a chunk of codes controlling the User Role thingy to make it works (it's already working in standalone WordPress)? Or it is IMPOSSIBLE to edit but to come up with entirely new code?

    Or how about this question - anyone plugin programmer here able to make the plugin work for multisite? If needed, I'll open an Project with reasonable offer.

    Best Regards, William

  • William

    Thanks Ovidiu.

    So now, is the solution just to replace admin to network_admin in the coding ie. editing or adding a small chunk of codes, where the solution could be somewhere out there on the web that a kind soul here could point me to? (I would love to learn)

    Or I should I just outsource by opening a project for coder to help me in this?

    I prefer the the above (the self-learning) part as I purchase quite a fair bit of plugins. If such thing happen again, at least I can resolve it myself.

    Need some good advice here on the INTENSITY of this issue so I might opt for outsourcing instead.

  • Ovidiu

    I don't know.

    Theoretically, the plugin isn't made for multisite installs. So there shouldn't be any network-admin stuff inside it. Except if the author particularly wanted to stop you using it on a multisite install. There is no reason for a plugin not to show its menus on a multisite blog.

    You'd have to check the plugin code and find where it creates the menus. That is all I can add, hopefully a "real" coder will pitch in soon :slight_smile:

  • Jonathan


    I know where you're coming from, been there as well. Heck, I'm still having issues with other peoples plugins :wink:

    To help answer your question.

    As the guys have stated. Each plugin is different. If you look at the wordpress plugin section, you will find many cache plugins - they all do the same, but are different.

    Now, in regards to yours, if the issue is only that you can't see the menu... well, that can be a couple of things.

    1) the plugin if premium can only be installed on one site and records the person who installed it (you)
    2) the plugin uses capabilites to monitor who sees what, and you need to assign that capibiliy to the other admin users
    3) the plugin is hardcoded to allow super admin, in which case you have to edit the plugin to include admin users
    4) there 10 x 10 other reasons why it wouldn't be showing up - but from an outside point of view, impossible to guess why.

    The best bet, is to simply ask the develepers why? it isn't showing up? They created it after all and will be able to better shed light on the situation :wink:

    And it is the best route to have them change the code, rather than you updating it. Because, when a new version comes out, it overwrites your added/changed code.
    So it is cheaper / and a huge timesaver to have the developer make the changes so that your installation is future proofed against their updates... make sense?

    Hope that helps a bit,

  • William

    @ Jonathan : I'm glad I'm not alone :slight_smile:

    Guess to account to myself, I shall put on the Coder's Hat and try the DIY route.

    If after some time and attempts without result, I'll then seek the outsource path.

    Of course, meanwhile, I've already seeked the developer's help. If they solve it, then I could "see the difference" in coding ... this could expedite my learning.

    Nevertheless, still lingering to the hope that there are still some kind soul here to cure me of my "desperation" in getting this bugging plugin issue resolve :slight_smile:

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