Plugin option and read data in wp-config.php


Is it possible to create a plugin option and then read that data and assigned it a defined variable in wp-config.php.

Eg. i want to be able to login to my dashboard and enter an item in a text field, that item is saved and then i want to retrieve and assigned that item to defined variable.

define('DB_NAME2', 'variableName');

so far in the plugin im able to add value to the text and saved it and retrieve that value. however i want to be able to retrieve it in the wp-config.php file. i don’t know if that make since. here’s how i read the saved data and this working fine but except in the wp-config.php

global $wpdb;
/* @var wpdb $wpdb */
$bawebsdbname = esc_attr( plug912_Option::get( $jid, 'variableName' ) ) ;
echo $variableName'