Plugin pack of all WPMU Dev plugins?

Is there a zip file of all the plugins into a plugin pack, similar to the Farm 133 theme pack that bundles themes? If yes, please point to the link where it can be downloaded from. If no, wouldn't it be a good idea to provide the latest versions of the plugins as a pack to subscribers?

  • WPMUUser

    Thanks, DavidM. This request is only about making things easier for paying subscribers. I think it would be useful to provide packs of plugins and themes (separately). Those who wish to use them could use them, and those who wish to pick specific ones could do that too.

    @masonjames, if you're so worried about pirating, I do not understand why you would provide 133 themes as a single zip file (farms 133 pack). So I fail to understand the consistency in your reason for not providing a plugins pack.

  • Timothy Bowers

    I can see the use in a multi pack but the problems arise with constant development, new plugins or updates seem to flow constant around here from what I see, updating the pack to frequent would be a logistical nightmare and would really only benefit a handful of users i.e. me and you who just signed up because surely no one who just wants to update one or two plugins would want the hassle of downloading constantly. From a user point of view, if your downloading the whole pack I would suspect you would still keep cross referencing the site for data.

    My suggestion would be extending the update plugin which I'm sure the smart guys here are already working on or at least thinking about. I would like to see it so you go to the updater admin and much like the default WP plugin repository you would click install, it brings the plugin, unpacks it and lets you click install. There could be a checkbox option to bring multiple plugins (perhaps limited to X number per time?).

    I think that would improve the end users experience, make it easier for them to install, manage and update the WPMUDev plugins. :slight_smile:

  • Mason

    Nice suggestion Tim :slight_smile:

    Our fear (even with providing automatic updates) has been that this sort of process is much more prone to errors and failures. Manually overwriting the files via FTP is still best practice. So, as often as possible, we've tried to steer clear from massive updates - some of our guys here are just too 'developery' (new word I made up) and concerned with making things easier at the expense of delivering the expected results during each update.

    Still, as I said, noteworthy idea and one I'll bring up to the team.


  • WPMUUser

    Could you at least provide a "Download" link against the name of the plugin right on the plugins list page (next to "Version" and "Downloads")? Currently, if I'm interested in multiple plugins, I have to visit each plugin's page and then download it.

    Yes, there is a need for each plugin to have its own page (with instructions and information), but providing a direct download link on the plugins list page would make things convenient for subscribers. Minimize the number of clicks to make it more user friendly, please. [This applies for WordPress, WPMU, BuddyPress, etc.]

  • graphitewpmud

    Yes, Id add to the request for a generic download link to everything available... :slight_smile:

    But WPMUDEV is still good, some of the WP shops offer psds and massive mb riders in the plugin/theme files, like 90+ mbs for atleast a few of the themes - individual sizes, imagine how updating is like, if you dont have very good speed.

    Someone bent on pirating may just take the extra time and still do it ... IMHO, the only worries I had was, I wasnt missing a plugin/overlooking/moving on. There are quite a few =)

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