Plugin Permissions

What should the permissions wpmu dev plugin folders in the mu-plugins directory be set at? I just noticed all mine are set at 755 (the php files are set at 644).

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    If you;re concerned about security, you should be able to change them to 750 and 640 respectively. The concern though is the ownership of the files. That depends on what platform you;re running (ie Cpanel, Direct Admin, etc.) and what user your webserver is running as (ie nobody, root, www, etc.)

    What are you using for a hosting platform and do you have root access to the box?

    When you pull up the files via something like ftp, what owneership do you see? I mention ftp as I know some panels like cpanel don;t display ownership. Look for something like "username.apache" or "username.username"

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