plugin problem on blogs mu theme

blogs mu theme is not working with slide in plugin or floating social share plugin wanted to see if there were any issues with this

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @chris

    I hope you are well today and sorry to hear of the problems your having, they are known problems as far as I'm aware, I've just tested on my test site and both plugins we're working with the Blogs MU theme.

    Would it be possible to get a link please to your website and screenshot of your slide-in settings? :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • chris
    • New Recruit

    here are the slider settings and the site is also see attached


    Show message
    Show message after this much of my page has been viewed: %
    Show message after scrolling past element with this ID: #
    Show message after this many seconds:
    Hide message after
    Closing the message
    When a visitor closes a slide-in message, I want to

    Keep showing messages to the visitor
    Hide messages on that page for the visitor
    Hide all messages for the visitor
    Show the messages again after:


    Message position

    This is where your message will appear.

    Message width Full width
    Message style


    Color scheme

    Social media services
    Facebook Like
    Google +1
    Do not show counts
    My page already uses scripts from this service
    Tweet this
    Do not show counts
    My page already uses scripts from this service
    Stumble upon
    My page already uses scripts from this service
    Do not show counts
    My page already uses scripts from this service
    Add your own:

    MailChimp subscriptions MailChimp API key:
    Enter your API key here, then save the settings to continue

    Custom CSS
    Add the additional CSS rules you wish to include

    Advanced Allow shortcodes
    Enabling this option will allow processing shortcodes in your slide-in messages.

    Allow widgets
    Enabling this option will add a new sidebar that you can populate with widgets in Appearance > Widgets.

    Custom injection hook
    Try a different injection hook if you experience problems with the default one. Leave empty for default.

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