Plugin Question

I have multiple doctors that travel to a few different locations. What is the best way to do this? I've spent the last few hours experimenting with this.

Dr Angelone has appointments every 15 minutes at Location #1 on tues and Fri, Location #2 on wed, and Location #3 on saturdays.

Dr Kim has appointments every 45 minutes minutes at only Location #2 on thursday and every other saturday.

I almost wish I could have a separate appointment plugin for each doctor.

There is really only one service, "Eye Exam"

I've tried to set two services, Eye Exam (15 min) and Eye Exam (45 min). The issue with this is I don't want the client to see that one doctor books every 15 min, and another doctor books every 45 min. They will most likely always book the 45 Min doctor if this was the case.