Plugin recommendation re calander booking

I need a recommendation not using existing plugin
Hi there
I have pretty much given up and am going to explain clearly and give this one last try.
Please apply your mind and try as best possible to provide me with the required closes info / suggestion.

I am looking for a simple calendar where a logged in user can enter his name on a calander to book a slot. The calander should be visible for all logged in members and all members should be able to add their name to the calander to book a slot or edit /delete their booking.

Ideally the user should receive an email reminder in advance reminding them of thier booking.

That is it simple, is that too much to ask of a plugin.
Anything close to this or which could at least start by allowing users to book slots would be a great help.

Its a volunteer booking service so no charge or salon or hair appointment.
Mark will patrol on wed 12 jan from 2-3 pm.
Bob will patrol on Friday 2 Aug from 3-4 pm.

That is it.

Many thanks

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Mark,

    Have you already checked our Appointments+ plugin?

    It is more designed for one on one appointments but you can use multiple dummy providers to increase the capacity or you can use a small code snippet to do this, this is more explained in Appointments > FAQ panel which you will have access to once the plugin is installed.

    It has an option for canceling appointments as well as sending reminders as set time(s) before the appointment.

    It doesn't have an option for clients to change booking details but they can still request the change from you and that can be done from plugin backend.

    Plugin also supports setting working days and time for service providers and break times as well if needed.

    Hope taht will help out :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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