Plugin Reqest: Reverse Affiliate

Some of the members in my community have services (like web design and training programs) to sell. I would love to be able to have an affiliate payment link that works in reverse...where if a visitor or member of my community chooses to buy this other member's service, I get an affiliate payment.

I'm imagining this would be near-impossible, given that members might would have different payment methods and probably won't all use paypal.


  • Andrew
    • Champion of Loops

    I'm imagining this would be near-impossible, given that members might would have different payment methods and probably won't all use paypal.

    You pretty much covered it I'm afraid. There would have to be a level of integration with the storefronts used by the various members.


  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    You pretty much covered it I'm afraid. There would have to be a level of integration with the storefronts used by the various members.

    Not necessarily. Greg would essentially be an affiliate for each members product he was promoting. I have an affiliate program (JV Manager/Fantasos) on another site which does that. For some reason they named it a "charity" commission. I use it to pay royalties to authors of books I sell. I also have affiliates selling the products for me, so they get a commission also. The commissions can be either fixed or percentage in either case.


  • Kirk Ward
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    How is it tracked? Did each member need to use the same payment system?

    They are all "affiliates" of mine. The "charity" affiliates receive payment whenever one of their products is sold, whether I sell it directly, or an affiliate sells it. Affiliates are paid for the sales they make directly. It is as if they are both affiliates. I set the payment options available to them from the selection of payment gateways available. I only use PayPal and paper checks, so those are their choices if they want to get paid.

  • Kirk Ward
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    You can install a WordPress plugin and let the users use it.

    I doubt there is a WP plugin to do this that would do what Greg wants. JVManager/Fantasos is the only affiliate system I've seen that does it. The software is expensive, costs a gazillion dollars, and the developer is a bit hard-headed. I have abandoned it in favor of iDevAffiliate for my Wordpress installs, but I really would like to see the ability to pay a "royalty" commission for products.

    I add a second vote for what Greg wants to do. I don't think it would be hard to include in the affiliate system. Allow a product to be matched exclusively to an affiliate for products I am selling for them, and let affiliates sign up to my system and sell whichever of the products I am promoting for myself or others. In my case, I sell books. It would simplify my life a lot, being able to pay my authors on a royalty basis.

  • gregfielding
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    I'm afraid we're going to need a lot more members expressing interest than the three already discussing the feature in this thread :wink:

    C'mon Y'all!

    This is a great way for you site owners to make some money by partnering with your members with services to sell.

    We could even put our reverse-affiliate banners as ads on our front pages or even as ads on our free blogs (for those of you using supporter).

    Your members will be thrilled that you're promoting them and their products without charging them an up-front advertising fee.

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

    Hi Andrew,

    It's possible a lot of folks are only interested in selling their products, or selling products as an affiliate, and don't see the value in outsourcing to developers or authors who will work on commission. I like it because there is either (1) no up front cost for a marketable product, or (2) I can get the exclusive access to a really top notch coder or author with a combination of a low advance and a continuing royalty. Top coders and authors are sometimes willing to work this way so they can avoid the work involved in marketing.


  • sleenie
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    I just found this thread and am working on a new site that i think this would be a great add-on to it. Sorry to see not many people are interested or maybe just haven't found the thread. I just stumbled on it while searching for something else.


  • Christopher Price
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    It's an interesting idea, but I think I'd want a more robust solution than a wp plugin for such an application. I'd start looking at the more actively developed platforms for banner tracking (like -free) and billing/affiliate management (like -not so free).

    I use both of these systems for different (yet similar) applications. Both have very active forums that I suggest as good places to research both technical and operational perspectives on what you want to do.

  • gustos
    • Flash Drive

    I would like to see this plugin, and more plugins after it was announced previously that X amount of new plugins would be developed per month, and X amount of new templates would be developed per month I would like to see at least almost that amount. I understand there are updates, but for the amount paid I think a few plugins more a month would be great.

    I would rather see plugins then templates, and this is a good one so you have my vote

  • Denise Field
    • New Recruit

    Was anything ever moved forwards on this subject? I was googling for a reverse affiliate package, one which effectively would do away with the need for multiple affiliate accounts.
    What would be great was if there was a web based package, with the publisher having an account and able to sign up merchants and give them a tracking code. Couldnt the tracking code be generic to the web based package and then where the link = the publisher the commisison got allocated to that account.

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