Plugin Request: Best Damn Subscribe Widget Evah

So I've been looking around for a "Subscription" widget / plugin for my pending revamped site and haven't had much luck in finding one that is both practical and beautiful.

I've found widgets like "Subscribe Me" and "Sidebar Subscribe," but they usually are lacking in one of two areas: they aren't comprehensive and flexible, allowing you to include anything from a Feedburner url to an iTunes one, or they are just down-right ugly, creating buttons that have no style or class.

Now, there may be a plugin that does all of this and I just haven't found it yet, but I wanted to put it to you brave coders to see if it makes sense to develop one.

You already have various feed producing widgets, email subscription widgets and related. What I'd love to see is one that pulls all of these together, along with things like Twitter feed subscriptions, Atom feeds, and iTunes, in one central place.

I'd also love it if the images for them were interesting spins on the standard subscription icons. I've seen some blogs with very nifty looking versions of the standard RSS feed icon... angled, shaded, and sized in a fun manner... that really makes it stand out and simple to find.

I imagine this could be a simple plugin, with feed fields on the control panel and selections for what to include, or a pretty powerful affair, with the ability to set colors and icon sizes and easy integration with WPMU DEV templates.

Anyway, thought I'd throw it out and see what people thought.