Plugin Request - New Blog Template and Defaults

I have seen inquiries from others here in the forum who are trying to use the same plugins I am, and having problems with them It would seem from that there may be a demand for a WPMUDEV developed plugin that performs the same functions as the Blog Template plugin or New Blog Defaults plugin.

Seems there is a need for admins to "auto-create" blogs with pre-loaded content, pages and posts, pre-loaded widgets, pre-loaded links, pre-loaded categories and a default theme, among other features.

I have tried the "blog-templates-" plugin and the "cets_blog_defaults.php" plugin. both of them miss the mark, however cets seems to be the more stable of the two. What I haven't seen on it is the ability to create a list of default pages. I get categories and links, but no ability to create pages.

I guess I "could" use the autoblog plugin, but after lightning hit my house, I lost the rss feed generator I had tried (and I think, bought) and hadn't remembered the autoblog method until just now.

Anyhoo, after going through developing a setup process to give my bloggers a running start, I thought that the wpmudev folkses could integrate this type of plugin a lot better than those folks have.

Please, oh pretty please.

And all that jazz.

Ed Update: Check out our new blog defaults plugin that sets no end of great defaults just like requested :slight_smile: