Plugin Request: Proactive Chat (like SnapEngage or Olark)

I’m putting this request for a plugin to WPMU DEV because I think they are the only ones who can handle it. A plugin request of this type is actually pretty big.

I went over to SnapEngage the other day and got a demo of their chat system and to say the least, it is awesome. However, it is also expensive. I’m building a site now that would benefit greatly from this kind of system.

I already use the Skysa bar for chat and instant messaging, but it only works for logged in members. The other day I was watching my real-time stats on Google Analytics and I watched in real-time as a visitor navigated their way across my site, reading the pages and actually spent about 10 minutes on the site. I was frustrated because I have no way to access that visitor or actually connect. A SnapEngage service would let me do that, but there are limitations.

Current services do not integrate with WordPress members, they only add on to the website. Because of this, when I get a visitor, with SnapEngage or Olark, I cannot differentiate between logged in members and guests. WIth my Skysa bar, I can connect with my logged in members, but the guest (the people I want to convert, I can’t get in touch with).

Having a proactive chat system on my server, would save me money (no subscription fees) and allow it to integrate with WP.

These are the features I think something like this should have:

~ Integrate with member database. (logged in members should be identified)

~ The ability to live chat/instant message everyone, including guests

~ Collect an email address

~ Co-browsing (this is only available on SnapEngage, but is a killer feature which allows the host to give a guided tour of the website.

~ Multisite compatible (guided tours of a multisite network’s coolest sites? That would be Just Awesome.)

~ Multisite compatibility should also work even if domain mapping is on.

~ Chat transcripts. Saving these for reference is good. A nice feature of SnapEngage was that after my long chat with them, I got a thank you email with the transcript embedded in it. That was a nice touch because I could reference it. I don’t think it was automated, I think that the host sent it to me because I didn’t get one after my second chat there.

~ Customization control (for branding and theme-matching)

You can kind of see how this is a big plugin request, but I really think the WordPress community needs something like this. This would be a great complementary product to MarketPress since it would allow site operators to more fully engage with visitors and help them around their stores. I also see it as a natural addition to the WPMU DEV plugin portfolio, the size and scope of it is something that fits right in with all the other big feature plugins you guys do.

I hope this request gets a lot of support from the members here and that you’ll investigate the possibilities with this. For those members who don’t really know what I’m talking about, go to and chat with a live operator there and ask them to show you around the site, you’ll be very impressed with how they can navigate your browser for you to other pages.