Plugin request: WordPress, enterprise and corporate compliance

This is going to be a plugin request, and a pretty big one but I don't think anyone else has the knowledge and resources to pull this off than you guys.

When is comes to corporate compliance, preparing for lawsuits and legal issues, WP is pretty bad. Users can delete stuff all over a wordpress/buddypress/multisite setup. I've got an enterprise-class project that I want to explore using WordPress, but one of the issues corporate compliance. When an enterprise organization gets sued, and its using WP as its intranet, the bosses in that organization need a way to search out, lock and archive anything and everything that could possibly be related to that lawsuit.

WP/BP/MU is increasingly being used as a CMS/intranet solution for organizations, but there is no decent safety system available for when things go south for the organization/company and lawyers come calling.

I want WP to be able to compete with the likes of Google Apps on an enterprise level, which has a robust lockout system that locks and protects content throughout a Google Apps setup to help an organization prepare for litigation. We need this for WP, and after watching @james do his interview on Mixergy yesterday, it was clear to me that you guys just might the understanding on how to do this. Not only that, even that mess with ServerBeach this week is an example of how this could be used.

A plugin of this nature needs an ability to search everything across WP/MU/BP, archive it and lock it so that it cannot be deleted by anyone (including a superadmin, though I understand accessing the database can always undo anything). Additionally, it should be able to monitor the system for new activity (BP activity updates, posts, bbpress posts, comments, replies, etc) for new content related to a topic that is currently under a compliance-lock and add that to the archive. No need for it to remove or hide the content (but maybe an option for it), but it needs to archive it and lock it.

In the best case, there should also be a way, even if it is only something the superadmin understands, of exporting the archive in a format that can be used and understood in court as evidence. I'm thinking automatically generated pdf files. Not saying they to be pretty, but they should contain enough identifying information to be useful.

I'm sure there is more that a plugin like this would need and I think I'm only scratching the surface of it. However, I do think that this is one of those unthought of plugins that fits a high-dollar value niche which could be one of those things that really moves WP forward as a CMS/intranet option.

I've already got a business plan in the works that would need heavy use of something like this and I suspect that there are others out there with their eyes on the enterprise market that would find a use for it too.

  • in-mn

    Why not handle it with a user roles.

    Site search can be done internally. User roles can prohibit deletion.

    Ideally if you have big dollar corporations who often get sued,why dink around with wpmu.

    GM and others do other cms that are Bette suited for that. And of course an internal cms is only 10-20k away.

    Otherwise, if its for some advertorial blog often getting hit for poor practices, pages can be archived.

    Personally. I do not know of why anyone would want to have lawsuit defense materials on a public website. If someone makes egregious claims burden of proof resides on plaintiff?

  • Saunt Valerian

    @in-mn user roles are not robust enough - users can always delete their own blog posts and a lot of plugins that would be used in a enterprise setting would be using a raft of custom post types, which makes those post vulnerable to deletion. Anyhow, bulk managing content regardless of user permissions would be a better method than resetting user roles every time a legal hold becomes appropriate.

    I agree there are a lot of platforms that are well-suited for an internal CMS, Sharepoint is one of them. However, the point here comes down to Why? The answer is, because we can.

    WP is a suitable CMS for intranet work, not out of the box, mind you, but developers are pushing it into that realm, myself included. A lot of the plugins that WPMU Dev already offers really help in that regard. In the process of planning and researching it, I've stumbled across a niche that has a need for solid information governance capabilities. The reality of it is however, not only does the niche I'm interested in have a strong use for it, pretty much any enterprise might as well. It goes beyond lawsuits and reaches into compliance audits and more.

    Companies are already using and Salesforce, but WordPress can configured to mimic a lot of the features they offer in a more proprietary setting and one that is easily customized. I really think that in the hands of the right development team, WordPress can compete there.

    On the developer side of wordpress, pushing it into secure intranet setups is the kind of exploratory development that really advances wordpress as a CMS. There is enterprise work going on already, a plugin of this nature will certainly add to the feature set that can be used to support it.

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