Plugin request - WPMUDEV specific form generator

i know there are some form generator plu ins out there, but i would love to see our own WPMUDEV form generator.
It would not have to be everything that some of the others are.
Start with a simple form generator and then it could have it's own unique functions with hooks into the other WPMUDEV plugins to make it extra usful to the WPMU users
In the end it could be better than gravity forms with less complexity, because it would be targeted at specific functions to align with WPMUDEV plugins

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi @Dev4,

    Thanks for the feedback! I know this has been mentioned a few times. It would also be nice to have something that integrates more natively with all our plugins. We have some other plugins in the works right now, but I'm pretty sure this is an idea we're still considering exploring.

    Best regards,

  • Dev4
    • Champion of Loops

    Ya, i have seen the requests in the past. I figured this was more long term, i think that WPMUDEV is not likely to build it if it already is covered elsewhere... So i thought i would put a different perspective on it.
    Yes formbuilders have been done... But not a wpmudev integrated formbuilder.
    I hope it gets some traction at some point,
    I know there are other great things in the works.... Looking forward to them!

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hey @Dev4,

    That's pretty much our position. We don't want to make something unless we can truly make it something great. We're really not looking to create a plugin just to have it in our library. Making something that can stand up there with Gravity Forms and Formidable would be quite the endeavor. Right now we have other things to focus on, but make one day this will come up as a main project.

    Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

    Best regards,

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