Plugin roadmap


I'm in the process of mathcing up my wish list with available plugins.

1. I have the list you provided for WPMU compatable regular plugs.

2. Can I assume that the premium plugins are compatable with each other, like Supporter, Pay to Blog and Terms of Service?

3. There are a number of BuddyPress plugins at Some of these are also of interest such as Buddypress-Ajax-Chat & Group Twitter.

I'm looking for a few things and maybe you can help me:
- Classified Ads (maybe wp-classified). Or maybe something like installed on a regular WP non-MU site and linked into my Buddypress site?
- A Boast Post or Brag Gallery, photos with a short description and a link to the related blog. Maybe a rating scheme for popularity. Maybe the Wire works something like this?
- Instant messaging/video/audio like Microsoft LIve Messenger or IBM's Sametime.

Kind regards,