plugin says images need smurshing but errors out when trying to compress them

it seems that images in the upload root need smurshing (according to the plugin) and yet when i select bulk smursh it gives errors
In common all of these images seem to be in the upload root folder.
I get errors like:
Could not find **********/wp-content/uploads/twitter_logo_s.png
Skipped (0 B), image not found. Attachment: What+is+a+skill%3F.jpg
When I go into the plugin page it says:
"Mike, you have 133 images that need smushing!"
when I click on "bulk smursh now" I just get errors.

What is going on?
I also have images in other folders that need smushing, such as images in the plugin folders - how can I get these smurshed?

Please advise
WP version WordPress 4.5.1 running Epik theme.
plugin version - Version 2.2.2

  • Vaughan

    Hi rapidbi

    Smush pro can only smush images that are uploaded with the wp media uploader.

    It can't smush images in plugin folders that come with plugins or any images not uploaded in the media library itself.

    To optimize images in plugin folders etc, you would have to physically download those images using FTP, then use your photo editing software on your PC to optimize them and then re-upload them again to the plugin folder where they came from.

    I can see that smush pro is still processing a bulk smush tho on your site. You should wait for that to finish for now.

    Hope this helps

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