Plugin should work with Cron tab and backup entire "wp-content" folder


I notice the following warning

WP_CRON – Disabled. Check your wp-config.php for the DISABLE_WP_CRON define. Either remove it or set the value to “false

I’ve set up my system to disable WP_CRON and run WordPress cron via the system cron tab so it can have a consistent run time.

My question: is it possible to implement features into this plugin that would enable scheduled backups to work with both with the default WordPress WP_CRON or still work for those who set up cron.php to run via cron tab? So we all could make use of scheduled backups.

Also is this plugin multisite compatible?

I notice the plugin backs up the “wp-content/uploads” folder but does not back up the “blogs.dir” by default

Also the db.php, db-config.php, sunrise.php, etc. are not backed up by default which provide critical functionality to the site.

What is the main reason for this and why can’t the entire “wp-content” folder just be backed up by default.

Is it possible to back up all subsites?