Plugin shows only X button on the screen after setup

1) Hi, plugin shows only X button at the middle
of the screen and nothing else. I tried it with usual text inside and also
with images, not working. Then I noticed that fields: "Pop Over Size Width: Height:" are blank. I filled out both parameters and it starts working. But every time my settings was to detect the position and size automatically. I don't know why these empty fields take affect on this.
2) Your default Geo location is not working at all. I tried the URL that was suggested in you forum and it returns XX instead of country letters each time. I suggest you to add advanced option when people may define URL to their own GEO service instead of editing the plugin. Add-on "Local Geo Database" works fine however.
3) What is "Maximum width rule by Ve (Incsub)"??? I activated this add-in and "Conditions" area disappear at all. What is that and why is that?
4) It is very inconvenient to write this ticket. I don't see my cursor on the gray background.