Plugin Snapshot gives error on _session

Installed the Plugin Snapshot in my Buddypress website.
Wordpress 3.6
Buddypress 1.8.1
The plugin is able to make a snapshot, but during the (for testing purposes...) restore, it halts. After that, I gave to let is reproduce a new archive. It finds that snapshot again, however a restore did not take place.

The Snapshot plugin shows an error under "Settings" -> "Server Info":

Session save path: /var/lib/php5
Session save path is not a valid directory.
Session save path is not writeable.

In my case I have no control over the php.ini file in order to adjust the path or make it writable.
So how do I go about this?

(also read the recent comment on the same question, but found no answer in it...)

  • Paul


    _SESSIONS are part of PHP. So if you are seeing that error contact you hosting and ask for assistance.

    Try running a manual snapshot archive. In some cases the PHP session path are virtual. So the information on the System Info panel is informational for us when you contact us for help.

    Internally snapshot will try and use the default PHP session. If it cannot write then read from the session it just sets the session save path to a local directory.

    As for the halting on the backup/restore. Probably if anything you are hitting a memory limit. On Snapshot > Settings just below the system Info panel you should see the panel for Memory. If you are running default WP install the memory allocated by WP for a regular site is 40M. For Multisite 64M. So try setting this to something like 128M just to be safe. When you run the manual snapshot where you see the progress bars you should see the memory usage information shown above the table.

    Note this is similar but different than increasing the memory via the wp-config.php When you increase the memory in your wp-config.php you are doing this for each page request. When you change the memory setting on snapshot that memory allocation is just for snapshot backup/restore needs.

  • Ben

    Thanks Jack and Paul for your answers,

    I have to admit my own negligence here. It appeared that the "halted restore" was caused by the setting of rows.

    On first starting the snapshot I never realized the amount of rows that would be needed at the moment of restore. I now saw that the restore of yet another snapshot (building the snapshot never appeared to be a problem, even regarding the mentioned "_session" being not writable) halted at the moment where a number of rows in exces of 1000 were reached.

    By simply increasing that number of rows from the standard 1000 (which in my case was way too low) to 5000, for the first time the trial restore worked like a charm.

    So now I am sitting here, ref-faced, simply because I did not read the mentioned items on settings that well.
    Sorry for having bothered you with such a trivial thing.
    And again, thanks for trying to assist,


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