Plugin Suggestion: Auction Plugin

Hey all,

So after do a lot of searching around for a decent auction plugin I didn’t come up with much.

It would be great if WPMU DEV can create a auction plugin.

It must have the following features to be considerd an auction plugin which in my opinion are missing from all the others.

1.A watch list

2.A nice easy to use process for people to list their items

3.A invoice option so people can send invoices with the total amount payable.

4.Paypal chained payments/global cart, so people only have to enter their paypal email address

5.A nice clean UI

6.A profile where people can see their listed items, a button to list an item, sold items, paid items, items shipped, watch list etc.

7.Multi-currency compatabile

That’s the basic I think, also would be great for a theme to made to go with it.

So of course a +1 from me on this, anyone else looking for this ?


Kind Regards