PLUGIN SUGGESTION: No Spam Admin Comments

Here's what I'm hoping may be a simple one to develop: Upon activation, no blog comments from a Super Admin on any blog will ever get spammed again!

Oftentimes I find myself commenting on blogs, providing links to helpful resources for our members, and (almost) every time I must visit the blog's dashboard to unspam the comment. It would be just grand if there was a simple plugin that would automatically recognize any comment from a Super Admin (User ID 1) and ensure it does not get spammed.

In a perfect world, it would work with Akismet, TypepPad AntiSpam, WP-SpamFree, and other anti-spam plugins that may be activated on the blog. And if one were to take such a plugin to the next level, there would be a configuration option to add user IDs for members whose comments would also never be spammed.

Thanks for the consideration!