Here's another one for your consideration...

The "Random Ads Widget" would create a widget that could be placed on the primary site (or any site via config option) and would generate a sidebar widget that would allow admins to input unlimited different text (or code) that would then randomly appear in the widget location each time a page was refreshed.

With copious free time on your hands, you could integrate an image upload with the ability to somehow associate unique hyperlinks to each image the widget displays. Or, just make it a text widget that somehow allows admins to add additional text/code in different boxes that would then randomly display.

Am I making sense? Basically, we're looking for a way to replace multiple different text widgets we use for small banner ads, with one widget that would randomly display them randomly all in the same widget location.

EXTRA CREDIT: The big plus would be to provide code along with this widget (or do a separate plugin) that would do the same thing but be designed for hard coding into theme templates. In fact, I would implement this first! Kinda like how Recent Posts works as opposed to the Recent Global Posts Widget.

Sound feasible? Anyone else like the idea?