Plugin Support Fail

On 5/2 I opened a thread in relation to the Auto Blog feed plugin failing to work correctly due to issues with how the plugin handled UTC time vs the time on the server. ( ) This issue means that feeds powered by the plugin may take days to process vs an hour as set within the plugin. If you offer time sensitive feeds relating to financial markets as we do, this makes us dead in the water for all intents and purposes.

Apart from developer confirmation of the bug on 5/6, we've gone 25 days, almost a full month, without a fix. I don't think expecting a bug fix for known issues to occur within 72 hours would be unreasonable, but because WPMUDEV refuses to set a standard expectation for bug fixes, it's pretty obvious that anything goes.... days, weeks and months are not out of the question apparently for WPMUDEV to support broken plugins.... and this is far from the first time we've had multi week response delays in plugins over the 3 or so years, I've been a WPMUDEV customer.

Instead of pouring resources into new plugins and themes, can you please step up and possibly support your already existing clients and plugins? Please?