Plugin support : multisite-plugin-manager uglyrobot

I have a question on the multisite-plugin-manager, mostly for uglyrobot. I'm posting this here since he makes reference to everywhere in his plugin. :slight_smile:

I'm getting some unexpected behavior with the plugin -

Running multisite 3.1.1 with multi-db and new-blog-templates plugin (both might be relevant here)

I installed the plugin on MU that already three preexisting sites (one setup for the "default" blog template and then two active sites).

After installing the plugin i am unable to 'enable' plugins on a specific blog via the settings tab (under sites->edit->edit sites->settings). I can check the enable box and click save. After clicking save I get "site options updated".
When I scroll to the bottom I find that the plugins I checked to enable are no longer enabled on the settings page.

Here is how I install a plugin (tweet blender for example):
install via "add new plugin" on plugin page as "network admin"
I do not network activate the plugin
I change access (under "plugin management" tab to "All Users"
I then go to enable the plugin on a per-blog basis via sites->edit->edit sites->settings

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?