Plugin to accept ecommerce payments on behalf of site owners.

Hi there,

I am a bronze member and have been using your products for several months. Great products!

I have started to build a site (similar to edublogs) that allows users to join the site, select a template and create their own website.

The country I am targeting is behind the times when it comes to ecommerce. Many site owners will want the ability to sell goods and services on their websites, but options are very limited.

I am trying to come up with a way to allow my site owners to have ecommerce sites and accept payments through a central payment gateway. In other words, my company would receive all payments on behalf of site owners, and then those payments would be disbursed to site owners, e.g. weekly, monthly or on-demand (this model is similar to sites like elance and odesk).

I have found a company that could handle payouts to site owners, but the part I'm not sure about is accepting the payments on behalf of site owners on their different websites.

Do you have any suggestions for plugins and solutions that could achieve this that integrate well with wordpress sites?

David mentioned Marketpress and I've been looking into that, but still need a bit more direction.

Thanks for your help!