Plugin to allow Guest Members based on Membership in an other WP Install

I would be great to be able to allow site or network Guest Members based on their Membership in other sites or networks.

So lets say that you do not mix a membership and have to handle complicated interactions between various types of members.

Imagine three BuddyPress Networks.

1) Politicians – They create a custom profile and can interact with each other based on their BuddyPress network set up.

2) Public / Voters – They register in their own network and are grouped by their multiple voter districts. (National, State or Province, District, City, etc…:wink:

3) Groups & Organizations – They get sites to promote their interests and needs.

Each type of member can only join the group they match but because they are a member of of one of the three groups they can post comments on the other two and might have other assignable benefits.

So the setup would be done with a plugin in each group.

Guest Member Plugin Settings:

Click Button – Add Guest Member Group

– Choose – Members for Other WP Install: _________________

Now you could go further and only allow members from a certain level. This way you could allow only members for the Public / Voters Network that have a paid membership access to the other networks. Good for making money and controlling spam.