Plugin to allow Guest Members based on Membership in an other WP Install

I would be great to be able to allow site or network Guest Members based on their Membership in other sites or networks.

So lets say that you do not mix a membership and have to handle complicated interactions between various types of members.

Imagine three BuddyPress Networks.

1) Politicians – They create a custom profile and can interact with each other based on their BuddyPress network set up.

2) Public / Voters – They register in their own network and are grouped by their multiple voter districts. (National, State or Province, District, City, etc…:wink:

3) Groups & Organizations – They get sites to promote their interests and needs.

Each type of member can only join the group they match but because they are a member of of one of the three groups they can post comments on the other two and might have other assignable benefits.

So the setup would be done with a plugin in each group.

Guest Member Plugin Settings:

Click Button – Add Guest Member Group

– Choose – Members for Other WP Install: _________________

Now you could go further and only allow members from a certain level. This way you could allow only members for the Public / Voters Network that have a paid membership access to the other networks. Good for making money and controlling spam.

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    It may require some custom coding on the site that you want to have guest membership of, but this is pretty close to the reason I added the Pings part of the system – so that information could be sent between sites to enable / register and disable / delete users when they travel through a membership.

  • Sean
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Barry,

    I didn’t even think of using the ping option for other WordPress installs :slight_smile:

    I have been researching membership options to streamline signups, simplify member management and maximize overall control. I think your Membership plugin could be installed in a single WP install that is dedicated to managing membership for any number of other WP or BP site and networks. It would act as a master site for membership management for WordPress and other applications. Pinging and intergrating other non WordPress to create and manage other applications and services is great. Simplifying the process for common interrogations would be ideal.

    So a Master Membership Plugin on the Master Membership WP site would control Multiple WP installs each using Membership to define levels and select Pro Site levels to be included in the Membership level.


    Master Membership Level in WP Master Site = Ultimate

    • Membership Level in “” (WP network) = DevMag Full Group Access

    • Membership Level in “” (BP network) = Web Dev Pro

    – – Pro Site Level = Platinum Site

    • Membership Level in “” (WP Site) = Web Dev Pro

    – – MailChimp Subscription to Web Arts Newsletter

    • Membership in vBulletin Forum for Professional WP Web Developers

    aMember can do this to a point but cannot manage WP access and feature nearly as good as you can with Membership and Pro Site. aMember is also not ready out of the box to manage multiple WP installs.

    With the Master Membership concept other WP developers could design WP/BP solutions that just use Master Membership as the to manage signups. An example would one could make three separate solutions; classifieds, business directory and job listings – not bothering to write there own membership and payment gateway system into each. They use recommend or package the Master Membership Plugin. Now if the plugin was written so it could run the membership in one install and later turn on the Multi Install and external control that would probably have a greater market.

    So the one Membership install acts as the master and the other Membership installs act as slaves.

    If you take a look at this post, a number of us are talking about wanting to use Membership to select Pro Site levels and disabling the pro site sign up so members only need to sign up and be billed once.

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