Plugin to connect users with files downloaded

Often users pay and subscribe memberships just to download files and after share them with torrent or other systems.
Every time I create new contents they bring them out sharing with thousands of people. I would like to recognize these users to ban... but I can't.

Is it possible to create a wp plugin that hide a code into downloadable files? A different code for every download would help me identify the evil user!

I suppose that this could be only for some extensions... for "pdf" could be enought.


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    I looked around a lot but there is no simple way to protect the files from being uploaded elsewhere.

    As you want to dynamically insert the memberid or something else as a unique key, it is gonna involve some serious development efforts which will rename the file (or add the code somewhere ) which will involve querying the database using the logged in member id, fetching the unique id corresponding to the user account and then add it to the download.

    You can post a job requirement here to see if you can get someone on it.


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    Thanks for writing back

    I'm sure for a HUGE success if you develope something like that for wordpress, in a plugin way :wink:

    That indeed is a great statement as it will help a lot.

    You already have my +1 on that idea :slight_smile:

    Cheers, PC

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