Plugin to detect spammy posts/pages?

Is there maybe some plugin (holy grail) to detect spam posts and pages?
I have multisite and was just browsing today for a bit and found many, many post containing more than 4 urls (this is considered as a spammy post for me). So it would be nice if there would be a plugin which can browse all your network and display posts/pages containing more than 4 urls and me/super admin can then decide which post to delete - something very simple to make for you guys if something like this isn't out already.

Cheers :wink:

  • Sebastjan

    Looks like noone is interested now to have this plugin developed.
    So what did your colleague said? :slight_smile:

    This is how I imagined this:
    1. The super admin and the super admin could only manage those settings for all subblogs/network.

    2. Main options to fight spammy posts would be:
    2.1. To set length of chars or/and words in title ( please looks at this code )
    I have now one simple code for this but I need to update all themes function files if I want it to work, so this is a little bit annoying. It would be nice to have this plugin features "Limit a post title to X characters", cos it's very easy to manage - (p.s. that plugin isn't working on multisite).
    2.2. I was thinking for this a little bit, but I think it's better to leave WP predefined values for title char lenght, so field to type how long should title be, it would be best to be blank so user can specify his/her value on its own (however, when user delete||disable plugin the value should be set to default).

    3. Plugin should have its own admin network page where all the spammy blogs will be displayed in tables>rows so the spam could be manageable.
    3.1. Title of the table should look like this:<tr>
    <th>Post Names</th>
    <th>Page Names</th>
    <th>No. or chars used in title</th>
    <th>No. of url in post/page</th>
    <th>Action (?admin can approve, delete or mark as a spam)</th>

    4. Super admin could set next options:
    4.1. How many urls in post/page is allowed.
    4.2. If No. of urls exceeds defined number then post/page...-||- --> paragraph No. 5. Settings applied in No. 5 paragraph should be the main settings, therefore they should be applied here as well.

    5. Super admin could also set next options:
    5.1 If such post/page containing preferences set in network admin, then it will be disabled from posting (?when posting a new post(post-new.php), Only a message should be shown to lower the length of title or urls in the post (please don't use javascript for this))
    Post/page will be posted normally (without error message), But it will be quarantined (?check No. 3. paragraph how the quarantine should looks like)
    Post/page will Not be posted (automatically set to draft
    "if( $set_to_draft )
    wp_update_post( array( 'ID'=>$post_id, 'post_status'=>'draft' ) );" with error message "Your post has been quarantined") and displayed in quarantine.
    Third option (for those who wouldn't want to use this) - post/page will not be checked for lenght title or for urls in the post/page and it won't be checked for quarantine - basically, this option means, that they will disable this plugin.

    I think this should not take you more than half a day to develop to you guys :wink:

  • Decura


    I tried out various solutions and ended up using Akismet together with WangGuard. The Comment Spam Pack plugin from WPMU Dev was skipped since I have not a multisite yet. Most of my sites also have the option for comments turned off.

    The solution is simply to require users to be registered and rely on the two plugins to catch the spammers/sploggers on registration. The WPMU Dev Membership plugin is in this context quite helpful for sites with paid subscriptions and I will simply block the IP for those that might fall through the cracks.

    Contact Forms 7 and the corresponding honeypot plugin was selected for the contact forms and so far this worked out great for me. I seem to also recall a couple of more general honeypot plugins that I did not try, which you could look into. A CAPTCHA solution was briefly used as this seems as too much of a hazzle for the users.

    Additionally, I use Wordfence Security and Better Security to guard off attacks. My hosting provider contacted me a couple of months back and made me aware of the many brute-force-attacks and suggested another solution. The two plugins roughly reduced the number of attacks by more than 98% and the remaining few are acceptable.

    I would probably not use the suggested plugin if it was developed. The reason is simply that I do not have a multisite as previously mentioned. However, it would definitely be used if I was.

  • Sebastjan

    Thanks for your answer. Too bad that you are not using multisite, it would be very good to get some expert advice on what plugins to use to fight spam on multisite, cos as you probably know, plugins if they are network enabled, everyone can change the settings and this is simply not good :slight_smile:
    I'm otherwise having good comment spam protection and have a lot of protection made by my side - as for dedicated server goes. The main issue here are the spam posts so it would be nice if some of the wmpu staff would write something here about this, if this is duable to develop or not.


  • Sebastjan

    Yes I know :slight_smile: I've been running blog network for 2 years now and did some research about many things, just believe me that plugin needs to be developed for multisite otherwise there are some glitches or even maybe some security issues which isn't good.
    Spam post/page plugin which I recommended would come very handy to everyone who is owning larger network, because there are few blogs on my network having 100MB big Posts DB which makes my DB kind of huge and presents some nice load to my server. And I know there are for sure 50% of those posts spammy nature :slight_smile:

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