Plugin to fix the pesky changing permalinks

I have seen a few posts (and made a few) about the times when permalink structure changes on sub-blogs. The only solution seems to be to manually update the permalink settings. The problem is sometimes that menu is hidden, sometimes the entire admin area becomes hard to access, especially for the average user.

So I wanted to force the permalinks to always be correct by matching the settings of the main site. Set them once and not worry about it.

Attached is my fix.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! - not for beginners!
As always - backup everything especially since this messes with permalinks. I'm offering a fix I found but have only done minimal testing on one site, so no promises. :slight_smile:

Just rename it to a .php extension and add to 'mu-plugins' folder.

Note: It also hides the permalink menu item and the permalinks page itself if it is not the main site or if the user is not a site admin. Those settings won't do anything anyway, since they would get immediately overwritten by this plugin.