Plugin to organize, label and search "All Sites/My Sites"

I've been searching for a plugin to do this but can't find one. Seems like a perfect fit for this community. I have more than 500 sites running on a couple of different WP multisite installations, and I would love to use the Admin Bar's "My Sites" list to jump quickly to a site, but sadly it's not practical because the bar only shows 25 sites, and the sites are in the order in which they were created. I'm adding lots of sites all the time, so this problem will compound. (I know there are lots of business models and use cases for using multisite, for what I'm doing this plugin would solve some really big problems).

So, I'm hoping that you guys can figure out a clever plugin that is *scalable* and enables us to quickly find and organize our sites, no matter how many we have. Here are some ideas to hopefully get a discussion started:

1. At minimum, it would be nice to default sorting preferences for my sites.
2. A search field on the All Sites/My Sites pages that shows real-time results for my sites as I type, so I can quickly jump to a site.
3. Labels/Tags, Comments and/or other similar ways to organize, prioritize and annotate my sites. So to clarify, on the All Sites/My Sites pages I would love to be able to add labels and notes to each site so that I can find what I need quickly, as well as to help me stay organized with my goals and objectives for each site
4. An alternative to option 3 would be the ability to create "Site Groups", or something similar so that I can lump sites together based on whatever criteria I think is relevant.

This is a start. Does anyone else see a need for this?