Plugin Updates Available Details

When I logged into my Wordpress admin (3.3) today, it said that updates were available, so I went to the updates page to find a MarketPress update was available.

On the Updates page, WPMU Dev plugin updates are listed in both the regular plugin section and the special WPMU Dev section. Interestingly, in the regular plugin update section, there is a link to "View version 2.4.2 details." and this link takes you to a totally different plugin on On one of my multisite installations, it took me to a product called Web Shop by and when I checked another of my multisite installations, that link took me to something called Cut and Post by In addition, it appears that if I update the plugin from this section, I would get these other plugins. (But I didn't check to find out.)

The update details in the WPMU Dev section point to the appropriate change logs.

I just wanted to make someone aware of this because if it is a universal problem it could cause a lot of confusion and issues for people. If it is a problem with my installations, please let me know so I can take appropriate action.

Thank you.