PLUGIN UPDATES show 4 but there is only 1 update!


Here you can see the plugin updates (4)

3 are not there and 1 is the ultimate VC plugin

Could you please check what is going on here

(Access is granted)


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Andi,

    Yes, I was able to access the site now, and I must say I'm quite baffled right now, I can see that there's some cases where caching causes this but clearing it makes no difference.

    Can you access your installation via FTP or cPanel, go to your wp-content/plugins folder and check how many plugins you have installed there, is it also 71 as it shows in your wp-admin or are there more?

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Andi,

    I've see these issue a couple of times and usually it was either cache issue, like Predrag said, or a transient. While clearing caches doesn't help here, you might try cleaning up transient cache as well. There's a tool for this:

    I admit I'm not confident it will help, I'm rather in doubt, but it's worth a try anyway as it did worked in some cases in the (very distant) past.

    I'm wondering though if this might be related to your setup. I noticed that it's a Multi Network install, which is actually quite non-standard solution (at least not "native" to WordPress). Since I wasn't able to check other networks than the one I accessed via support access (they required me to login), could you take a look at them to see if they report plugins to be updated?

    I'm asking mainly because when I accessed the site it initially showed me... 3 plugins to update. Then, almost immediately, the number jumped to 4. However, the plugin reported for me wasn't the Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer but Really Simple SSL - so a different one :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Andi

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for the idea with Transients. I tried it but no success until now.
    But Transient is an interesting topic to be managed in Multisite and Multinetwork so I opened up another topic to get more info about that topic. It is also something which is until now not available from WPMUDEV - i.e. Database optimization features for Multisites so I will write a feature request!

    I am checking now further options as I realized that it does not seem to be related to multinetwork as I have a site inside the same network which doesn't have that problem. It is using another template. But when changing the template nothing changes too. So I think it is something direct in the database.

    The question is now how to find out where those 3 plugins which no more exist actually come from. wherein the database is this information stored and what would be the best way to find it.

    Any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

    Kind regards

  • Andi

    Hi Predrag
    All are there and installed but it says Active (43) but lists only 25!

    SQL query:
    update prefix_2_options set option_value='' where option_name='_site_transient_update_plugins'
    Matched rows: 0

    Kind regards

  • Andi

    Culprit found! wyzi-toolkit which came with the theme.
    so I will inform their developers and see if that get fixed.

    Thanks for helping

    Deinstall all plugins and reinstall them step by step
    This can be easily be done by going to your Network Page and mark all installed Network plugins. Then choose to deactivate from the dropdown and press click to do so.
    If the problem still persists check all previous installed Network activated plugins again and click activate.
    This means the problem is NOT with the network installed plugins.

    Next, go to your theme and deinstall the theme and install a default WordPress theme. If the problem persists then reinstall the theme you have chosen.

    The last Check would be with all Site activate plugins, you can spare all network activated plugins as we had already checked them. Deactivate now one by one the plugin and always check if the problem still persists. As soon as the problem with the number for updating plugins is gone stop immediately and verify the problem by reinstalling the plugin you had latest installed. If the problem comes back you will have the culprit.

    The last step would be to inform their developers about the problem and apply the fix as soon as it is available. You probably can use the plugin regardless that error in the update plugin notifier as long as the fix isn't available for you.

    The helpful article was:

    I hope that helps!

    Kind regards

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