Plugin Videos

We are building using WordPress MU and would love to showcase some of the plugins - and use the videos you guys have...

For example the video for the fundraising plugin.

Could you make these available non-branded ?

  • aecnu

    Greetings cloudhopping,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and please be advised that the copying of any material content be it graphics, videos, and/or text content is pursued by the Big Boss as copyright infringement and they normally go at it tooth and nail.

    Take down orders are issued and in some cases hosting accounts are indeed burned for this very reason.

    You will need to create your own videos, graphics, and/or text based content.

    Thank you for asking though and for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Connectivity.Engineer

    You know that is one heck of a response to a feature request !

    It sounded more like a knee-jerk reaction... like oh crap someone wants to use our videos now what?

    Instead of taking it as flattery and thinking in terms of a possible revenue stream I was basically told the big boys are gonna come get you.

    WPMU is in business to do what exactly ? Bottom line is revenue yes?

    Why not review the request as I intended it - A REQUEST and think about a possible revenue stream...

    For an added cost for example you could sell them

    We have built a ton of our own videos - easy enough to do with some basic art/ graphics and voodu magic...

    Anyhow - that being said - the reason I asked was because I noticed a competitor doing this - and thought - wow - nice video - and then realized it was from you guys.

    The interesting thing is they are pulling it from your website.
    You, I am sure know how to stop that however :slight_smile:

    Anyhow the request is still the same - as while we can very simply redo those - it would be easier just to grab them as something to rebrand...

    Heck companies have been built and tons of cash made doing this in the hosting industry for a long time - such as (and others)

    Anyhow - thank you for the quick response, even if it did sound knee-jerkish

  • aecnu

    Greetings cloudhopping,

    Thank you for your feedback and do you really believe that support staff have the authority to authorize scraping of WPMU DEV copy righted content?

    What did you expect us (support staff) to say?

    I told you the official position, legal position, and they have indeed been burning those without expressed permission.

    So I will go ahead and call AT&T and ask the operator if I can scrape their sites content? And even if they say yes when AT&T sues me I am going to tell them about the conversation and the courts will say I am in the right? I don't think so.

    I would have written the corporate head quarters and made sure I got it in writing from someone with the authority to authorize this, not expecting their tech support to give an authoritative answer ... lol ... in which it is certain they do not have the authority to give.

    And maybe you should do that - write to the people that have the authority then asking in tech support or a community setting.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Connectivity.Engineer

    Joe -

    Stop for a minute and re-read my original REQUEST. As you failed to miss the original request which was exactly that A REQUEST to see if the videos were available.

    In what part of what I said did you get that I was copying the videos?

    Could you make these available non-branded ?

    My request was exactly that - A REQUEST

    I also advised you that I have found someone else doing this - and thus the reason we thought they might be available.

    The thought we had was simple - Let's see if we can purchase them or if WPMU makes them available prior to us spending cash and time and making them ourselves.

    To that end, We have already started building our own videos - and of course may make them available to purchase to others in the community. These videos are not using the copyrighted content within the WPMU video set mind you.

    Honestly - I have been a fan of your support in the past - but at present I think your responses here are downright pathetic, short-sighted and borderline abusive.

    You as a member of staff for WPMU have a responsibility to read the requests and make sure you are not bashing the customers requests - and also have a responsibility to ensure WPMU's interests are kept as well.

    That being said - A simple No We Will No Make Them Available - would have been sufficient.

    I posted this request within the "Features and Feedback" area of the website.
    If that is incorrect - than your original reply could have stated that as well.

    Perhaps, if you as a member of Staff , started with a a link or an email address - or an advisement of the "proper" method of requesting these - the entire confusion here could have been avoided.

    Sadly, You misread the original request - AND then continue to misread the original intent of the request.

    I was not ripping your content without Asking.
    Heck - I even suggested this as a revenue stream for WPMU
    when you said no - I responded with a note that I will build videos and make them available - I see no harm in doing that do you ?

    I pray your customer service skills for everyone's sake get a little better...

  • Connectivity.Engineer

    PS - sorry if I sound short - I realize after posting that - it itself may be considered borderline abusive.

    Been a very long week with a death in the family -etc
    Anyhow thank you for your pointers - one last question -

    Thinking since your staff you may know - Who would we go about asking?
    I had sent an email to corporate the same day - but have not heard anything as of yet.

  • aecnu

    Greetings cloudhopping,

    Sorry to hear about the death in your family and the sadness I know it brings within.

    Thank you for the great question and other then writing corporate as you have already done which was a good move in itself the only other thing I can think of is to write to the contact form here:

    And hopefully the interceptor will tag our CEO James on the item.

    I would certainly do it myself but I rarely work in that area.

    Regarding abusive, I think the problem is partially in the mode of written text - the fact that tone and kindness are extremely hard to reflect.

    As a young man years ago I proved without a doubt to my entire squad of soldiers at the time that it was more important how it was said then what was said - i.e. telling someone to take a hike in a different manner though - and with a smile one gets a totally different reaction then when it is done lets say with an angry face.

    The reaction from the receiver is quite different depending on the body language and facial expressions - unfortunately both absent from text.

    I know I am not the most politically correct person in the bunch, actually far from it finding PC stuff repulsive, however I am the most responsive/resolving staff member by a factor of almost X3, perhaps that is why they keep me around :wink: even though I am short it appears at times in the written text.

    I am sure in person you would find that I am a happy go lucky person laughing at myself and others things in life as well, and we could probably be friends laughing at the table while relaxing to a cold beer or your favorite beverage :slight_smile:

    Sincerely, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings cloudhopping,

    Thank you for your kind response and though I may have not spelled it out above I am sincerely sorry for that in which I seemed quick to draw conclusions.

    Hopefully someone will indeed give you a qualified authoritative answer sooner then later regarding this matter and if indeed you are authorized please keep the authorization handy in case one of us thinks different until you correct us :wink:

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Cheers, Joe

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