Plugin & Widget options will not update (solved)

WordPress MU 2.8.6
Running on WAMP via the address http://localhost.localdomain/mysite

2 plugins being used:
Smooth Slider (making changes via Settings >> Smooth Slider)
VodPod Videos with Widget (making changes via widget options)

None of my option changes are affecting the site. The database is updating and showing the changes. The options show my changes, but the site itself doesn't recognize the changes.

I've uploaded these to my host and they work correctly, but via WAMP it's not working.

I've tried removing the plugins and database entries related to their options & reinstalling them.

Tried Log out, clear cache & cookies. Log in.

Tried opening the site in a browser that's never seen the site so that it would have no memory of the previously selected options.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Update: As usual, I finally decide to post for help and 2 minutes later I figure it out. I apparently did something wrong on my install and my address was redirecting to instead of staying on localhost.localdomain. I ran the plugins on a 2nd install that didn't have this address redirect issue and it worked fine.