How come your migration plugins and many other plugins on your site is not available in the dashboard, did I miss something you guys advertised $40 a month for access to all premium themes and plugins on your site.

also as I informed you I have been having a lot of issues with the plugins I tried and had to turn them off and the only one that works halfway decent is the autoblog. I just upgraded from a godaddy crappy wordpress shared state to a dedicated server with hostgator where I have full access to the WHM and can provision the server to my needs and specs as I go I like this better. - my plan is to see if the server fixes the issues with some of your plugins. and even offer to pay you guys to develop some new plugins for me, but right now I am trying to get my site moved off of godaddy crappy servers and godaddy does not give out server side access not even to the hosting companies, and if they did give it out I could zip it up and move it myself. - Any help would be appreciated.