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this is in regards to the ultimate facebook..but first issue: the current plugins i installed seemed to have slowed my site down tremendously: membership & wiki. the pages on my site are loading super slow and i'm getting internal error msgs frequently when i click on pages thruout the site. sometimes i'll just reload the page and it will slowly come back. i uninstalled the plugins, and my site's performance went back to normal. i reinstalled...slow again. you'll also see i added a wiki page with some content labeled 'local scenes' (found under 'the scene') i'm getting a 404 page not found msg. on facebook: the installation of the ultimate facebook plugin shut down my whole site. there were error msgs and i couldn't access a single page on the website. after uninstalling the plugin thru ftp, the site came back up.

  • Ingrid
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    Hi there,

    What were the error messages you were getting when you had the plugin activated?

    You haven't put a link to your site so it's hard to judge the slowness issue. What is the URL of your site? Also, if you want to test the speed with the plugins enabled and disabled to check the speed difference, you could try using this tool from Pingdom:

    Also, site speed for a large site can depend on how much memory your host is allocating for your use - are you using shared hosting for this site?


  • Patrick
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    Hiya @jcfab77

    Welcome to the forums!

    Well now, @frankenmedia asked exactly the right questions! Could you provide the information she indicated please? That info will definitely help us help you to identify the issues.


    Way to go taking the lead on this one!

    Want some cookies?

  • jcfab77
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    so finally getting back to this...i'm starting to wonder if these plugins are not compatible with my templatic nightlife theme (which also uses the tevolution theme). i spoke with godaddy and there is no issue with memory and such as Ingrid suggested. i'm going to start with the membership plugin. This is the only plugin i re-installed (and have installed currently) and it doesn't seem to affect the load time of the site too much (i installed the p3 performance profile to scan any issues). however, as i've been trying to edit settings in the membership admin, i go to an error page after almost every other 'click'. doesn't matter which section of the admin i'm in...every other link, submit, or update button i click goes to the error screen. i just hit the back button and and try again...eventually it'll go thru. here's the error:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Apache Server at Port 80

  • Vladislav
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    If you have access to your PHP error logs, can you please check them for any errors? If not, can you please edit your wp-config.php file and set the WP_DEBUG define to true (as explained here: )? This will help us identify what is causing the error that happens. Also, if you have access to a PHP info page, can you please check your PHP version? Also on this page, can you please check if you have curl extension available?

  • jcfab77
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    Hi there, sorry for the delay in reply, but I've been on another project the past few days. Thank you for your direction.

    1. I checked in my hosting account. My error logs were not enabled. I'm assuming they are now since I clicked 'update' as godaddy instructed.

    2. I did follow your instructions and set the WP_DEBUG define to true.

    3. I wasn't quite able to figure out if I have access to PHP info page. Not sure where to find that.

    What else do you need from me? What is the next step in identifying the errors? I'll do my best to help in any way.

    Thank you!

  • jcfab77
    • New Recruit

    hi there, i'm attaching some screen shots. so here are some more direct examples of the errors. within a few minutes in my admin, i've gotten 4 different error messages:

    1. when i clicked on 'save wiki settings'
    2. when i clicked on 'add wiki'
    3. when i clicked on 'slide in'
    4. when i clicked on 'membership levels'

    this happens a lot when clicking through any of these plugins.

    hope to hear from you soon...thanks!

  • Vladislav
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    I really apologise for the delay in response, I somehow managed to miss this thread. Anyway, thank you for the screenshots, but unfortunately these are pretty vague too - they just tell us that there's a server issue, but don't tell us what actually went wrong (which is what we're after). Can you please try setting up your wp-config.php as explained here: This will log all errors in a file called "debug.log" in your wp-content directory. As for the phpinfo page, it's a regular PHP page that has this code inside:

    <?php phpinfo();

    Can you please create a file with this code inside, upload it to your server document root (where your WordPress install is) via FTP, then visit the new page in your browser and check the output for PHP version and curl extension presence?

  • jcfab77
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    Thank you Vladislav. I replied to Elliott with ftp and wordpress admin access that he requested. He will pass it on to you.

    I'm pretty sure I edited the code for the wp-config.php file correctly. I'm unfortunately not too sure about the phpinfo page. I'm not a developer but do the best I can. Since you now have ftp and wordpress access, hopefully you can add that folder? regards to the membership plugin..please take a look and let me know if it's better off I use the subscription functionality already built in the theme. I prefer how yours functions to the one already built-in, but will make do if it is just simpler to stick with what's already there.

    To give you more insight, I'd also like to give you an overview of what I'm trying to accomplish with this site:
    I want to give jazz musicians across the world the opportunity to use this site as a marketing tool. It will start off as a free membership, but will turn into a small (re-occurring) monthly membership once the site gets traction. The main things included in the membership would be:
    1. unlimited access to list their events and gigs.
    2. a public facing artist profile page(with pic, bio, links, video, etc.)
    3. unlimited access to post event promos, articles, press releases, etc. to the blog.
    4. access to wiki pages.

    Sorry for the long email, but hopefully this gives you a better insight as you look into the plugin issues.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Thank you very much for the info you sent. I was able to check the debug log we talked about earlier, and check the php info I mentioned. The info seems fine, and so does the log - although there's plethora of notices about undefined variables, these are usually harmless. However, one thing I did note is that the Tevolution plugin you're using on your site is doing *a lot* of things - the theme and the accompanying plugin is responsible for like 60% of execution time. Would you please be willing to try to disable the Tevolution plugin (and possibly switch to a different theme) and see if the issues persist? I haven't done so myself as I didn't want to change things too much on your site without consulting with you first, but this could be the cause of the issues. If doing so helps, you may want to look into object caching and other techniques to speed up your site.

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