Plugins don't work on multisite wordpress ?

Some plugins don't work with multisite like wooCommerce, So ...
How much plugin can't work with multisite?
How I figure out a plugin can work with multisite?
And why it can't work with multisite ?
Please help me to answer this question. Thanks!

  • aristath

    Hello there @taphuochai, I hope you're well today!

    Multisite adds a lot of things to a WordPress site: New administration menus, new user rights, new upload folders for your media, new rules, hooks, and also adds more restrictions: Admins don't have the ability to upload plugins or themes as only the superadmin can do those things, and many many more things!
    Making a plugin multisite-compatible is not an easy task, that's why a lot of plugins don't support it fully.
    On multisite some plugins can be network-activated or on a per-site basis, others can only be network-activated and others can only be activate on a per-site basis.
    In any case, MOST plugins work on multisite, but their abilities and features differ on the way they are activated!

    I hope that helps...


  • Thomas

    hey! I'm having also problems concerning the same topic. I use wordpress as business cms, more or less with a quite basic strucure like this:
    site1, posts
    site2, posts
    site3, posts

    in each site a have some "site-intro-text" and with the plugin "list category posts" I additionaly add posts on the site. this posts are mached with a category. for example:
    site1 -> introtext -> list all posts from category "cat_site1"
    site2 -> introtext -> list all posts from category "cat_site2"
    site3 -> introtext -> list all posts from category "cat_site3"

    all this works. HOWEVER, some plugins don't work.

    --> I want to order the posts within the categories. for this I tried several plugins, none of these worked and I guess it's because of my MULTISITE wp-installation.

    now i'm trying to order the posts within category XX with the plugin called "AStickyPostOrderER". however, i can set everything, give order numbers.. everything seem to work properly in the backend BUT UNFORTUNATELY NO EFFECT IN THE FRONTEND.

    any idea how I can solve this? i want to order my posts within the category.

    thanks and best regards from Switzerland

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