Plugins event there is some attach string so need the string space

Hellow, I have purchased one of your plugins name Events +, and the content of plugins are attach with one another word I mean I need the string space between two string
Please visit the url:
screen shot link:
also view the attached file
As shown in screen shot link and attached file, there should be space between anzeigenFand it should be anzeigen Fand, pmVeranstaltung it should be pm Veranstaltung , anzeigenFindet it should be anzeigen Findet, pmSeydelstraße shoud be pm Seydelstraße, amSeydelstraße should be am Seydelstraße and BerlinVeranstaltung it shoud be Berlin Veranstaltung.
and please view the sites if anywhere more space required between two words then please correct these one.
Thank you