Plugins for creating a site like Tripadvisor / Yelp

I have been searching for this myself with no luck so far :slight_frown:
The thing I'm looking for is a plugin (or plugins if needed) that can create a "Rate that place" website - just like Tripadvisor / yelp / etc.

I know that I'm not going to find a plugin that will do all I need out of the box - but on the other hand I don't want to code everything from scratch if there already is a plugin that can give me all the basic features I need.

Features could include:
- Submit review of a place
- Add image for that place
- Add a new place
- Find places based on geography
- Search based om preferences
- Add stars for a place
- Get suggestions for other places in same region
- Manage your own place (answer reviews, add more info etc)
- Perhaps some paid plans for manage your own place etc.

All in all: a plugin that give me the basic of / /

I don't care if it's a paid plugin or not - as long as it's for WordPress and I can build upon it :slight_smile:

Help me find this, please