plugins or themes for network admins only


I just purchased the membership, I believe this is one of the best investments I have ever made in online business.

Sorry back to my question.

I have certain plugins like SMTP settings that I need enabled only for the administrator or for that matter the ultimate branding theme for e.g.. Unfortunately enabling (network activate) it enables it for all member sites. After going over the videos and searching the docs it seems I could activate a plugin/theme on a persite basis but I am not sure whether we enable it for site id 1 or if its a network theme/plugin how to do that such that regular members do not have access to it.

What am I doing wrong?

thank you

  • vangel
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    I need to install themes and plugins that are limited to the network admin. For themes I could set it to site id = 1 I suppose but for plugins that are for configuring the site like SMTP, where would I put it.

    Basically what I am trying here is that when a plugin or theme is for the network owner’s use and invisible to others, how would I go about doing it.


  • Geoutah
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    The easiest solution is simply to create use roles that are not administrative. If the user does not have Administrative access, they simply won’t see the Appearance tab in the dashboard.

    If the goal is to conceal using a 3rd party theme from the user you can hard code to hide the Appearance tab. This can be done by coding a remove_admin_menu

    Codex for this here

    When you install plug-ins on a multi-site installation it will install on each site under that install. There’s a way around this but I don’t know it.

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