Plugins Pane Error after Supporter Upgrade

I searched but didn't see anyone reporting this issue yet ...

Just upgraded to Supporter 2.2.7 (WPMS 3.0.4) and now notice an "empty" error on the plugins admin pane of all non-supporter blogs. See attachment. the error does not show on Supporter blogs.

I noticed the following in the changelog and can't help but think the issue is related:

- Fixed an issue in supporter-plugins.php that messed up the settings page

Settings and Premium Plugins panes of Supporter Administration seem to be displaying and functioning fine. Happy to help test a fix...

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi jcnjr!

    Sorry for the wait in getting a response... we'll try to be quicker next time!

    I really wanna get this sorted for you so I'll need a little more information...
    - In Super Admin > Options under "Menu settings" is the box marked "Plugins" checked?
    - Have you selected any plugins for supporter-only within Super Admin > Supporter > Premium Plugins?
    - Are you using the latest version of Supporter?
    - Have you tried turning off all other plugins?

    You might also want to try upgrading to WP v3.0.5 now, too..


  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird

    @Phil Thanks for your supprt!

    I presume you mean Super Admin "Options" - yes, Plugins is check under "Enable administration menus".

    There is no option Premium Plugins option for "Supporter Only", we have various plugins set to "Supporter" and a few set to "Supporters (Auto Activate)".

    Yes, this issue occurred after upgrading to 2.2.7 as indicated in my first post .

    We're not about to turn off all plugins on our live site, and have no need to troubleshoot further. See apparent fix below...

    @Aaron All message text fields on the settings page were indeed completed. After adding quotes to an href I had in the "Supporter Feature Message" the error is now showing properly ... interesting, since it was the "Plugins Message" that was missing! FYI: The message showed fine prior to the update.

    PS: Upgrading to 3.0.5 now.

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