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I'm a new member, and am having trouble identifying the proper plugin(s) for a project. Below is a high-level feature/functionality list. Basically, the primary content type for the site is a "Film", and there needs to be a community around that. Each film needs to have its own page/post location. I was thinking they should be posts so that the films could be funneled for various views (i.e., recently added, category grouping, etc.).

I am wordpress proficient and a decent designer (HTML, CSS, some JQuery, etc.). I tried utilizing your Directory plugin, but it doesn't seem to quite get me where I want to be, and appears to a pre-formatted version of Custom Press. Is there a way someone could take a look at this use-case and recommend a plugin or combination of plugins? Items with two stars (**) are not a priority for now, and could be addressed through a refactoring or complete redevelopment.

Thanks in advance for any advice, insights or examples you can share.


Use-Case Features/Functionality:
- Each film will have one or more video embeds, summary description, plot, cast bios, etc. This could be handled through a media slider for the embeds (i.e., nivo) and use tabs for the written stuff.
- User Relationships - can follow or click on another user see "likes", comments and reviews written by the user
- Film Comments and Comment voting (i.e., good comments get a thumbs up like in disqus, or intensedebate)
- Film Ratings - number of stars, etc., and is separate from comments. It would be good to have multiple rating categories that can have a formula applied to derive an overall rating (i.e., cinematography, plot, acting, etc.)
- Film Reviews - (A separate designation from comments that implies a somewhat structured opinion)
- Aesthetic/Feel - the site should be simple and smooth. Think appearance of with the interactive smoothness of iOS. This is probably more about JQuery than wordpress.
- File upload/dropbox
- Dynamic user created pages ** - eventually we'll allow users to create/submit a film page themselves that will need to be approved by a site admin. There could be a basic version and a paid premium version of a films profile. Not sure if this should be treated as a "post" or perhaps as a multisite function.
- CMS for contributed content from experts, etc. Nothing exciting, and is accounted for with basic WP
- Blog
- 3rd Party Login - OpenID, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
- Social Network Interaction - ability to push from within the site to YouTube, Twitter, etc. via API (plugins, modules, Janrain Engage, other?)
- Manage Contests w/ Voting ** - i.e., a company or film studio offers a contest and the user community votes for the winner
- Video Streaming - this will simply require a place in the post/page template to insert embed codes for
the streaming partner(s) chosen.
- Paid Video Streaming ** - ability to offer paid access to a particular video. Subscriptions to an "area" or "group of films" is also a possibility.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Not trying to play this one off but really its a mixture of all sorts of different plugins, only you can decide what fits best for this specific project and it would take so long to go through and suggest a specific one to cater for absolutely everything you list.

    If you want user edits you could consider the wiki plugin, you could just utilise a really cool theme which is set up with rating systems or you could use a dedicated plugin which gives you the ease to swop theme without loosing votes in the future. You could consider You could look at Memberships plugin from WPMU for subscriptions to specific video pages and content areas. Buddystream for integration with the activity stream. or WPBook for other FB stuff or look at Otto's work for connect. You might want to use the moderator plugin if users can submit content.

    I guess what I'm saying here is that there isn't a one shoe fits all here but you said you were WP proficient so I presume you are aware of all of the above anyway?

    What I usually do for any project for a client is understand what is required to be achieved, break it down into sections and then create a demo site (One I will delete afterwards so DB bloat won't concern me at that stage), research which is the best of the best for any given thing and see if one plugin can achieve multiple tasks. I then look at the design aspect and what is to be achieved, in your list you stated "decent designer (HTML, CSS, some JQuery, etc.)" but then went on to detail in the spec "Aesthetic/Feel - the site should be simple and smooth. Think appearance of with the interactive smoothness of iOS. This is probably more about JQuery than wordpress" but this is something I suppose you would personally handle in the project.

    I guess I haven't been much help here, but maybe it has given a little food for thought! :slight_smile:

  • DavidM

    Hello drdriftwood,

    Just to add a bit to Tim's great breakdown here, BuddyPress, which Tim hinted at with the activity stream, might handle the bulk of your relationships and even other concerns, as it's built for social networking. In case you're not familiar with it, you can catch a good read on it at the following.

    Oh, and of course, welcome to WPMU DEV!


  • Timothy Bowers

    Just to add alternatives to BuddyPress. (Other plugins available to compliment this bad boy! Such as messaging) - This is one of the newer systems which seems promising. - This has been around a while now, I'm sure it was once hailed as the next BP or something, but it seems these days its Symposium.

    Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is that the Communities plugin and messenger is developed by WPMUDEV so it will be supported. They also support BuddyPress with their plugins. Mingle and Symposium don't currently get their public support but thats not to say they won't consider them at some point. :slight_smile:

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