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Are there any pluugins that can help auto sharpen/clear images that are in your media gallery? I have a lot of images that seem to be blurray and need to do some bulk actions to them without having to download all of them.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello cornelius_butler

    There are some plugins in plugin repository but they are mostly outdated and I didn’t test them. From what I remember from you other tickets about images and what I see on the site that you have assigned to this ticket, they wouldn’t help much anyway. This is because most of these images are just too small and you cannot “upscale” (make bigger image out of the smaller one) image significantly without loosing it’s quality.

    The only reliable solution for such “blurry” images is to actually upload the bigger, high quality image to the site and let WordPress create necessary smaller images out of it (it will do it automatically). For example: if there’s a 1500 x 500 pixels image used on a site, you need to upload an image of at least that size. If you upload a 300 x 300 pixels image and put it in place where it’s displayed as 1500 x 500 pixels it will always be “blurry” and “pixelated” and there’s no tool that would make it much better, other than just replacing it with a properly-sized one.

    The point is that the original image must be of decent quality. For example: there is an Eiffel Tower image in header and that image is of 2000 x 991 pixels. That sounds like a big enough image, doesn’t it? But it’s a low quality image and it will be that way. A skilled PhotoShop operator could probably make it better but it still wouldn’t be a sharp, high quality image. I don’t know if it was a smaller image that was resized to the bigger one or if it originally was of that quality but the only way to solve it is to use high quality image in the first place.

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