plugins to run credit reports


I have a client that runs a credit counseling company and he wants to allow users the ability to do a quick credit check across the three credit bureaus. Similar to what credit karma does. Are there any vendos that make plugins todo this?

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    No. I can not even begin to go into what a terribly bad idea this is without a *LOT* of work. This is *DEFINITELY* one of the areas where WordPress is not the way to go.

    Just from a security standpoint tell your client it’s a terrible idea and when he asks why point to Equifax’s 700 million dollar settlement. Yes, that is an extreme example but if even one of his clients PII (Personally Identifiable Information) gets hacked via his site, he is done.

    Beyond that, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax charge a premium for accessing their data. He may very well have access to the data in his job as a credit counselor but he does not have the license to republishing that data. Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and the rest have worked out very long, very complicated, and very lucrative (for them) deals that I doubt are within your clients range, no offense to him or you.

    Really though… It’s the security. To even do basic eCommerce without a third-party transaction host (PayPal, Square, etc) requires so much set up it’s beyond what most small businesses can run effectively, which is why Third Party serves for ACH/EFT or what have you exist.

    As examples, oversimplified though it may be – if you do eCommerce you can not have public FTP on your server. You aren’t supposed to be on a shared host (VPN or Dedicated servers only) though apparently that’s been lax, and you are supposed to have a very fancy, very costly SSL certificate that has a bond on it. And that’s just for buying a t-shirt.

    Now, imagine what it would be like if your site literally put up someones whole life.

    Do you, as the webmaster want to be responsible for all that, because ultimately you very well could be. The guy that fobbed off the update that could have saved Equifax from being hacked got 5 years in prison (reduced on appeal I believe) and several hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

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