Plugins to set up a provider marketplace?

I need to set up a marketplace website, where users (Customers) can request services from Providers (other user role), and got the WPMUdev account since there are a lot of potential plugins that fit that scenario. However, I think I need some help in puzzling the whole thing together.

Here is the scenario:

– A user can sign up as a Provider or Customer, and get that role in the WPMU installation.

– A Provider should get the option to add one blog as their profile blog.

– The Provider should be able to list prices – price per request or per hour (whatever is easiest with whatever plugin we use).

– A Customer should be able to open a Request, directed to a specific Provider.

– The Customer will pay the Provider via Paypal to us once the service has been performed, and we will share the income (like a percentage or minus our fixed fee) with the Provider. (This is optional at first, but we need to be able to add this functionality)

– Customers will need to be able to rate the Provider (stars + comment, optional) once the service has been performed.

So the customer flow is Signup/-in –> Search Providers –> Send a Request to a Provider –> Provider Accepts (Payment here, if enabled – escrow) –> Provider Performs the Service –> Customer Accepts (Payment released to Provider) –> Customer rates the Provider (with optional comment)

The Provider flow would be Signin –> Set up Services (including price/request) and Paypal account –> See Received Requests –> Accept a Service Request –> Perform the Service –> Mark Service Complete –> Customer accepts (Provider recieves payment) –> Provider recieves a Rating from the Customer.

Thanks for reading this far! :wink:

The above is the sketch of how this service marketplace is supposed to be set up. I would really need your help to identify which plugins to use, to match the above. Directory, Membership, Payments, whatever…

Thanks so much for helping out!