Plugins various - protected content Appointments+ etc

In my Website I will need a few features and thus am requesting if you can indicate which plugins I should use for each case.

1 - I need to allow my users (user type: client) to send a message to a lawyer (different type of user) asking a legal question. For sending that question I want them to pay a fee.
2 - Appointing a meeting with a lawyer. So, again, we have two types of users. Clients and Lawyers. For schedulling a meeting the clients will need to pay a fee also.

Thanks for the help.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Tiago,

    Hope you're well?

    #1 What kind of message do you mean? a simple contact form or something where questions are logged, such as with a support type system? Are these pay per question, or would you be wanting a one of fee for membership or a monthly subscription? The latter could be done with protected content and some other plugin for the questions, will need to search around for possible ways of doing it if you require a pay per question solution.

    #2 Appointments+ could certainly be used for this, and that's what it was designed for, users will be able to schedule a 1on1 appointment with a service provider (in this case, each lawyer would be a service provider.)

    Just need a little more details on #1 such as pay per question, or a monthly subscription etc & the type of messaging you require such as do you need an archive of the questions and so on, but #2 appointments+ from your description would certainly work for this.

    Hope this helps

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