Point email hosting and web hosting to separate cPanel account under same IP address/server?

Is it possible to have a sub-site that have domain mapping, but at the same time the domain name have another cPanel account under same server (and IP address)?

I have a existing domain that pointed to a cPanel account for email hosting for quite time and having a lots of email data inside. However i wish to point the same domain to multisite for web hosting, which under same server but different cPanel account. Is it possible?

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    Hello iamJayChong

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    In theory, that would be possible. In practice, that depends on the host and you'd rather want to consult that with your host tech support.

    All it takes to "separate e-mail from regular hosting" is to set MX records in DNS for the domain. That's e.g. how you can host your site somwhere while at the same time keep for example Google Mail on your own domain - the same that you are using for site.

    However, whether you can have another cPanel for this on the same server/hosting account, how this relates to IPs and what would be proper MX settings - that is something, I'm afraid, I'm not able to tell you as it is strictly server related and specific to the specific hosting environment. You would want to get in touch with your host and just ask them about this - they should be able to help you with this.

    Kind regards,

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    Hello Adam.
    If you can have a domain pointing to an ip of a multisite and mapped and have a cpanel with another ip address different from the one that matches the multisite, which in the dns of your domain would be A points to the ip of your multisite and create cname of (mail) (webmail) pointing to the ip of the cpanel that you have created the email accounts, are two very separate things.
    Tui site can work normal in the ip of the multisite and your orreos accounts in the ip of the cpanel where you have the emails, only that for the page you accede normal ex (www.example.com) and for the emails ex. (www.webmail.example.com) or (www.example.com/webmail) that depends on how you configure it in the DNS zone.

    I hope that solutions greetings and blessings.

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