Points not deducted after checkout

I have upgraded the marketpress from the beta, i use cubepoints as the only gateway, since the upgrade the points are not getting deducted, I tried to roll back to the beta and still no points are deducted. So now I am completely down and I cannot sell digital products to my users via points they earn. Is there a way to completely start over and remove all database entries and marketpress or is there a known fix?

  • DavidM

    Hi russepps and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Sorry you're experiencing trouble with the CubePoints gateway. It really is a strange one and it's hard to see what might be causing that but I'm sure we can sort it.

    Could you let me know to start with, which versions of WordPress, MarketPress and CubePoints you're using?

    Also, are CubePoints getting added properly via other means or by other CubePoints modules? Users are indeed getting the signup points, etc?


  • russepps

    Thank you, I have the latest version of WP, Buddypress, Cubepoints, and Marketpress, I have found the error, I have the points multiplier installed and there seems to be a bug, If you set the points to multiply by 0 it gives 0 I set it to 1 and everything started functioning now. How I found this was I deactivated all modules for Cubepoints and it worked so one by one I re-enabled them and found this to be a culprit. I will email the developer and ask them if set to 0 please set it default 1. Thank you for a great product.

    I have included a few screen shots for other to reference.


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