Points / XP and virtual currency

Heya :slight_smile: i got 2 questions that belong together:
I want my Members to have "Expierience Points (XP), which they get for Interactions like commenting, and loging in daily. I want this to be a value that i can raise automaticly by various actions. I have a tournament page. i implement gamestats automatically and want the user to get XP for different things that i define. Do you maybe have an idea to do that good & clean? (only plugin i know is cubepoints)(I dont have buddypress).

2. i want to create a virtual currency, which Members can GET and PAY.
They can get through: Paypal (Buy), and through activity (post,login,..) or any more interactions.
They can PAY for: get access to something (joining a tournament(an event), be premium member, or buy profile extensions.
I really do not know how i could do that. I wanted to implement your plugin Martketpress for buy and pay things, but do you know how to create a new currency that maybe work good with marketpress or maybe you think another plugin would be better. Thank you!! Kevin